20th Conference Plenary and Panel Sessions


The Good City & the Public Realm

  • The Design of Public Places
  • In the Public Realm
  • Creating Public Places for Community Life
  • Neighborhood Centers for Santa FE
  • New Designs for Public Places
  • Design of a Major Public Open Space in San Francisco
  • The New Heart of the City Berlin
  • Challenges of Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza
  • Santa Fe Railyards Project
  • The Public Realm Recovery Project
  • Public and Processional Spaces in Bakhtipur and Katmandu
  • Urban Places in Europe, especially in Austria
  • The Loss of Public Space in Downtown Areas
  • Types of Plazas in Mexico City: The Plaza Mayor and Other Plazas

Strategies for Combatting Sprawl

  • A Strategy for Containing Urban Sprawl
  • The Problem of Gated Compounds
  • German Strategies in Controlling Urban Sprawl
  • Counteracting Sprawl through Infill Development
  • Workshop: Containing Urban Sprawl

Transit Based Development

  • Public Transit: An Esssential Component in Livable “New Urbanist” Communities?
  • The Horizontal Skyscraper

New Urban Neighborhoods

  • Principles for the Design of New Urban Neighborhoods
  • New Urban Neighborhoods in Freiburg, Germany: Rieselfeld and Vauban
  • Applying Traditional Urban Design Principles in a High Rise, High Density Urban Context - Vancouver, BC.
  • Santa Fe’s New Urban Neighborhoods
  • In Search of Modern Utopias
  • Workshop: New Urban Neighborhoods - The Tierra Contenta Example
  • Sustainable Community Planning at High Desert, in Albuquerque, NM

Sustainable Urban Development

  • Making Development Sustainable
  • Sustainable Neighborhoods and the Recovery of Inner City Communities
  • Ecocity Whyalla, South Australia. From Steel Town to Solar City
  • Cascade: Creating Sustainable Guidelines for an Urban Community

Ecological Issues

  • Ecological Urban Design
  • Ecological Transportation Planning
  • The Sustainable City

The Good City for Children & Youth

  • Making Santa Fe a Good City for Children and Youth
  • The Social World as Teacher
  • Autonomy, Mobility and Accessibility
  • The Accessible City
  • The Accessible City of Washington D.C.
  • Children in the City

Creating the Great American City

  • An Introduction to the Search for Great American Public Places
  • Connecting with the Region
  • Lessons from the Search for Great American Public Places
  • Containing Urban Sprawl
  • Assembling a Green Belt Around Erlangen
  • The Vision Process
  • Lessons from the Search for Great American Public Places
  • History of the Tierra Contenta Project
  • A Visual Overview
  • New Urbanism from Plan to Reality

Teaching Models

  • Midblock Design for Salt Lake City
  • The Urban Design Studio, Resource for the City

From Architecture to Urban Planning

  • Tradition and Modern Culture
  • Applying the Principles of New Urbanism to Higher Density Inner-City Areas
  • Neighborhood Friendly High Density Residential Infill Development

City Case Studies

  • Downtown Fort Worth
  • Searching for the Lost Center: Most, Czech Republic
  • The Soul of Pueblo

Preservation & Revitalization

  • Contributing to Pittsburgh’s Livability: Historic Preservation, Commercial Development and Testing Ideas

Neighborhood Programs

  • San Diego’s Livable Neighborhoods Initiatives
  • Heritage Village, Toledo

Urban Parks

  • The Aftermath of Catastrophe as an Opportunity for a Better and Meaningful Urban Environment
  • The 21st Century Park: Culture/Nature Interface
  • Current Paradigms for the 21st Century Metropolitan Park
  • Environmental Land Acquisition Enhances Urban Life
  • Antilivability: The Mistakes of New Delhi and Chandigargh


  • On the Waterfront - City of Hamilton
  • The Regeneration of an Urban Waterfront, Buffalo

Visualizing the City

  • Visualizing an Urban Future
  • Developing the Feelings Mapping Technique Using Multiple Attributes Analysis

Santa Fe Workshops

  • Cultural Diversity and Community
  • Revisioning Cerrillos Road
  • The Santa Fe Railyards Project
  • Celebrating Life in the City: Community Festivals, Farmer’s Markets, and other Social Events

Growth & Change in Latin American Cities

  • The Accommodation of Growth in Quito, Ecuador
  • An Analysis of the Mexicali Project
  • Documentary Video on Curitiba, Brazil

Architectural Values & City Identity

  • The City as a Reflection of Social and Political Statements
  • City Identity and Unsympathetic Urban Design
  • A Lefebvrian Critique of Delhi
  • The Lost Essence of the Built Environment