21st Conference in Carmel Plenary and Panel Sessions

  • The Vision of the Livable City

Children in Peril

  • Information Technology and Children
  • The Virtual City
  • Growing Up in the City
  • Children and the Built Urban Environment

Strategies for Sustainable Growth

  • Controlling Growth in Santa Fe, NM
  • Strategies for Managing Growth

Holistic Models for Preventing Sprawl

  • Community Design Workshop for Covington, Georgia
  • European Models of Decentralized Concentration against Urban Sprawl
  • Territory City, Congestion and Dilution of the “Full” City

Sustainability of the Region

  • Greater Toronto Area Urban Structure - An Analyis of Progress Towards the Vision
  • Establishing a Sustainable Community
  • The Climate’s Response to Insensitive Urban Development

Ecological Urban Design

  • Strategies for Greening the City

Ecological Transportation Planning

  • Ecological Transportation: Policies and Practice
  • New Urban Planning and Car Traffic Management Research

New Urban Neighborhoods

  • Ensuring the Quality of New Urban Neighborhoods
  • Designing New Urban Neighborhoods Around Public Places
  • Guidelines for the New Government District of St. Pölten, Austria
  • New Urbanism in Neighborhood Planning: Waterloo

Neo-Traditional Housing

  • Application of New Urbanism Principles to New Inner-City Market Housing
  • New “Traditional” Residential Development in the City of Fairfax, VA

The Importance of Public Space and the Public Realm: Festivals in Public Places

  • Successful People Places in India and Nepal
  • Celebrating Community in European Cities
  • Enlivening the City
  • The San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Street Market

Concensus Building

  • Concensus Building in the Region

Community Participation in City Revitalization

  • Rebuilding American Inner City Neighborhoods
  • Fifeville Community Design
  • Goleta Oldtown’s New Community Plan
  • The Five Point Partnership, Norview Virginia

Strategies for Rebuilding Neighborhoods

  • Continuity of Community through Metamorphosis of Use
  • Rebuilding Neighborhoods by Recycling Urban Infrastructure

Revitalizing the City: Case Studies

  • Louisville’s West Main Street Cultural District
  • Successful Urban Development Projects
  • City of West Hollywood East Side Redevelopment Planning Process
  • Longview Neighborhood Initiative Area, Phoenix
  • The Revitalized City Center of Berlin
  • Concepts for Redevelopment in Shanghai, China
  • Calgary’s Livability: Challenges and Plans

International Perspectives

  • Integrating Infrastructure in Urban Waterfront Conversion
  • Urban Form at the Fringe of Metropolitan Santiago

Maintaining Architectural Identity

  • Sustaining Culture: Imaginary Interventions at Mae Hong So, Thailand
  • The Local Characteristics and Modern Meaning of Zongshan Road in Quanzhou
  • Uniqueness of Place
  • The Public Work: Redefining the Standard for an Urban Society
  • Using the Visual Preference Survey as a Method for Developing Urban Design Guidelines
  • Achieving Mixed Use: Codes and Financing
  • Building Codes and Urban Renewal

Public Art

  • Crafting Collaborations: Art, Landscape and the City
  • The Urban Arts Corridor: A Bridge Between El Barrio and the Harlem Gateway
  • Workshop: Traffic Calming