26th Conference in Charleston Plenary and Panel Sessions


City & Region in the 21st Century

  • Priorities for the Ecological City & Region
  • Charleston in the 21st Century
  • Identity, Urbanity, Community: Social Sustainability
  • Case Study: Santa Fe

Making Cities Livable For Children

  • Cities for the Well-Being of Children
  • Augsburg, the City of Children & Family
  • Including Children in City Planning: Case Studies
  • Children’s Urban Form Preferences
  • Compact Land Use
  • New Possibilities for Sustainability

Balanced Transportation Planning for the 21st Century

  • Balanced Transportation Policy
  • Greenway Transit: Fort Pierce Case Study
  • Ecological Train Station: a Focal Point
  • Charlotte Trolley Vision Plan

Urban Fabric

  • Faces on the Street
  • The Shop/House: Building Block of a Sustainable City

Visions of the City

  • Calvino’s Millennium – A Visual Essay Accompanied by Words
  • A Tale of Two Towns: From Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy, to Kingman, Kansas
  • Electronic Media, The City & Youth Violence

The Historic City in the 21st Century

  • Heritage & Cultural Tourism – An Engine for Sustainable Economic Development
  • Heritage & Development: Implications for the Planning & Management of Historic Cities

Improving Public Spaces

  • Investing in the Downtown Public Environment. Lakeland, Florida’s Experience
  • Asheville’s Heritage Trails

Recreating the Urban Fabric

  • Rebuilding Neighborhood Scale. Commercial Nodes In the Inner City
  • Teaching Urbanism in the Era Of Sprawl
  • Reshaping Communities from a Regional Planning Perspective

Controlling Sprawl

  • Greer – A Case Study in the Power of Partnering

Why Cities Need Squares

  • The Forgotten Places in Our Cities: Do We Still Need Squares?
  • Lovable People Places in Asia
  • Ten Principles for Designing Squares
  • Creating Squares in the 21st Century

Community Festivals

  • Building Community Through Celebration
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival
  • Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto and Moja Festivals
  • Functions of Community Festivals

Farmers Markets

  • Farmers Markets versus E-commerce
  • Scales of the Farmers Market. Unifying City & Region
  • Creating a Farmers Market

Housing for the Community

  • Role of Housing Authority Architect as Facilitator in Community Projects
  • From Apartment Block to Townhouses, Camden, NJ

The City & the Waterfront

  • Landmark American Bridges of the 21st Century
  • Three Waterfront Projects in Mexico: Design Studios at the Service of Community

Charleston: City & Region in the 21st Century

  • Achieving Balance through Strategic Growth: the Charleston Downtown Plan
  • Livability in the Lowcountry
  • Tourism and the Historic City