27th Conference in Vienna Plenary and Panel Sessions


Rediscovery of Public Space / Wiedergeburt des öffentlichen Raumes

  • The Renaissance of Public Squares in Northern European City Centers
  • Ten Principles for the Design of Successful Urban Spaces
  • New & Revived Public Spaces
  • New Urban Spaces in Krakow
  • Cultural Legacies: Rediscovered, Old & New Public Spaces of Macau, China
  • Living Spaces of Prague. Solutions, Changes

Redevelopment & Revival of Main Streets

  • Strategic Redevelopment Plan for Primary Downtown Shopping Street, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Piotrkowska Street – Continuous Revival of the Main Street as the Heart of the City

Urban Design Issues

  • Urban Design Scenarios for Beijing’s Lou Gu Xian
  • Reston Town Center
  • A Morphological Approach to Urban Design

Architectural Preservation Policies

  • When Once Rural Places Become Urban

Reconsidering Design Education

  • Greening of the Ivy
  • Rituals, Festivals & Community: Reconsidering Contemporary Place & the Public Realm

Harbor Reclamation Issues

  • Against Harbor Reclamation in Hong Kong: Lessons of Success

Urban Design for the Well-Being of Children / Stadtgestaltung für das Wohlbefinden des Kinders

  • Cities for Children
  • The Bern Model of a Just City for Children / Das “Modell Bern” für eine Kindergerechte Stadt

Urban Design & Children in the City

  • Areas of Experience for Children on Rivers

Housing & the Place of Children

  • Role of a Housing Authority Architect as Facilitator in Community Projects


  • Children in Festivals
  • The “Four Gates Festival” – New Traditions on Historic Sites

Visions of the City

  • The Three Typologies of the Traditional City
  • The Urbanism of God
  • Calvino’s Millennium – A Visual Essay Accompanied by Words

Holistic Principles for Urban Development

  • Holistic Approaches to City & Regional Development
  • Ökologische Stadtentwicklung, Stadtgestalt-ung und Nutzungsmischung im Städtebau

Social Interventions for Children & Youth in Public Space

Balanced Transportation Planning

  • From Traffic Calming to Urban Oases
  • Learning from Europe – Problems and Solutions in Resort Transportation
  • Transit Greenways

Models of Participation of Children in Architecture & Planning

  • The New California School: “Community Architecture”
  • Participation of Children & Youth: Can We Stand it?
  • Teaching the Livable City
  • Networking for the Well-Being of Children and Youth in the City

Real & Virtual City

  • Location Independence: Emerging Opportunities for Reconfiguring City Cores & Suburbs
  • Real & Virtual – implications for city planning?

Schools, Playgrounds & Multi-Use Areas

  • Schoolyards as places of experience and adventure in the urban green-space system of Munich
  • The Role of School grounds in the Life of the City
  • Models of Participation
  • Multiple & Intermediate Uses of Open Space
  • A Town for Children

Public Art, Billboards & the Community

  • What is ‘public’ in public sculpture and public space?

Public Space & Urban Design in Istanbul & Makkah City, Saudi Arabia

  • Historical Development of the Squares on the ‘Mese’ Road on the Historical Peninsula
  • Promenades of Culture: Study of regenerating the cultural mosaic of Istanbul
  • The Development of Public Space in Istanbul 2000
  • Urban Changes in Makkah City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Workshop: Improving Vienna’s Urban Spaces

Research: Children's Accessibility

  • The GIS Research Project Accessibility in Swedish Towns 1980 and 1995
  • Sustainable Mobility for Kids and Teens

Public Space Issues

  • Public Place and Local Government: Working Towards Inclusive and Integrate Practice in Brisbane

Paper Sessions

  • Creating a Sound Environment: Case Study and design practice of architectural noise control in urban buildings
  • An Exploration of Diversity and Congruency as a Means of Encouraging Community through Architecture
  • User Needs Analysis for a City Center Revitalization
  • Re-defining an ‘American’ Urban Grid: public place as memory personified
  • Immigrants, Civil Society, Local Community and Political Participation in New York City.