29th Conference in San Francisco Plenary and Panel Session

  • Development for Community
    Development & land use patterns that facilitate civic engagement & community
  • New Urbanism: Challenges & Limitations
    Case studies; criteria for successful development, e.g. issues of mixed use, work places, and accessibility
  • Urban & Regional Identity *
    Regional character expressed in architecture; DNA of the city; regional construction materials; ecological building methods
  • Rediscovery of Public Space *
    New urban spaces; design principles; squares in new urban neighborhoods; case studies of new & restored squares
  • Balanced Transportation Planning *
    Integrated transportation systems; light rail & transit greenways; safe streets; bicycle & pedestrian networks; ferry systems
  • Redesigning Suburbia & Edge Cities
    Introducing mixed use urban fabric; combining work, residential, commercial & social uses; innovative zoning; urban villages
  • Values for the Just City
    City planning as a moral enterprise; accommodating conflicting needs and rights; developing a consensus of the common good; respecting all who live in and use the city
  • Models of Community Participation
    Mechanisms of community participation in planning & design review; increasing civic engagement & social capital
  • Comforts in the City: details that matter *
    The walking experience; seating and resting places; shelter & shade; water in the city; paving for pedestrians
  • Use and Abuse of Public Art
    Social functions and responsibilities of public art; public art & community identity; a review of recent public art in European cities
  • Sustainability
    Ecological city & regional development; social sustainability and social capital; community participation in planning
  • Urban Design for the Well-Being of Children
    Accessibility & mobility of children; designing neighborhoods with children in mind; urban design to foster exploration and curiosity; city case studies
  • Urban Fabric *
    Mixed use infill; continuous fabric; human scale; shop/house; cellular neighborhood structure
  • Enlivening the City *
    Community festivals; traditional & new celebrations; street entertainers; farmers’ markets
  • Electronic Media & the Real City
    Implications for the design of cities; urbanity & the electronic "agora"; children & youth in the virtual city
  • Professional Education
    Curricula for teaching the "livable" city; Community Role of the Professional; Involving Children & Youth in Planning