2010 Design Awards

This year the International Making Cities Livable Council received many excellent projects for consideration. We are happy to present the 2010 Design Award winners for Community Places, Neighborhoods, Streetscape and Green Places.

Community Places Award

Presented to IBI Group & City of Kitchener
or the redesign of King Street, Kitchener

In recognition of the innovative design for a flexible, summer/winter sidewalk, and sustainable streetscaping to bring people, particularly youth, back to downtown.


Neighborhood Award

Presented to Dover Kohl
for the design of Glenwood Park

In recognition of achievements in creating a complete, walkable, child-friendly neighborhood with a fine-grained, human scale mix of uses, lively urban places and green parks.


Streetscape Award

Presented to Alternate Street Design
for the redesign of La Jolla Blvd

In recognition of the transformation of a five-lane arterial barrier between beach and community into a bike, pedestrian and child-friendly two-lane road.


Green Places Award

Presented to Metcalfe Arch & Design
for the design of Out On a Limb

In recognition of an elegant design that offers a safe yet adventurous new experience in the tree tops, inspires a teen's imagination and fosters identification with nature.


Green Places Commendation

Presented to Irvine Ranch Water District & RJM Design Group, Inc
for the design of San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary

In recognition of the low key campus in an extensive wetlands restoration, offering quiet exploration of nature and a rich educational program for children and adults teaching environmental responsibility.


Green Places Commendation

Presented to MKW & Associates LLC
for the design of Everett Children's Adventure Garden

In recognition of the fun nature playground-classroom offering a large population of young children within walking distance diverse hands-on experience with nature.


Green Places Commendation

Presented to MKW & Associates LLC
for the design of Outdoor Learning Center

In recognition of the complex integration of gardens and nature classrooms to teach the extensive surrounding population of children and adults stewardship of nature in the urban environment.


Green Places Commendation

Presented to City of Toronto & Janet Rosenberg & Assoc.
for the design of Franklin Children's Garden

In recognition of the playful children's park integrating public art and nature-play areas encouraging exploration, discovery, and affection for nature.