2015 Design Awards

IMCL Honor Awards:

Built Projects:

Paseo Cayala

New Town of Cayala, Guatemala
Pedro Godoy & María Sánchez, Richard Economakis and Léon Krier

Proposed Projects:

Urban Regeneration of Zen, Palermo

Urban Regeneration ZEN
Arch. Ettore Maria Mazzola

Baltimore Urban Farmstead
   Scott Truex, Sustainable Communities Institute

IMCL Merit Award:

Proposed Project:

Green Street Vision
  David Thompson, Polly Neal, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure UK

Honorable Mentions:

Built Projects:

Caernarfon Castle Square
   David McKenna, IBI Group

Proposed Projects:

   Peter Verschuren, Jeroen Goes, Wissing BV

   Arch. Ettore Maria Mazzola