2012 IMCL Special Awards

The 2012 IMCL International Urban Design Award will be presented to Prof. Arch. Ettore Maria Mazzola for his consistent leadership in designing urban environments that celebrate community, and lift the spirit. As shown in his reconceptualization of modern mass housing areas such as Corviale, Rome, and Zen, Palermo, his urban designs are hospitable for all, and show special concern for more vulnerable population groups, children, elders and the poor.

Areas of social housing in Italy built in the Modern style have become utterly unlivable and are socially and physically unsustainable. Mazzola’s Master Plan for the redesign of social housing in Palermo transforms monotonous single function housing blocks into a multi-functional small town filled with piazzas and surrounded by a green park.

His project to replace a monolithic, low income housing block near Rome (Corviale) with a genuinely livable urban fabric, without disrupting the community, provides an exemplary model for urban renewal throughout the world. For more information, please see Regenerate suburban districts – proposal for the “ground-scraper” Corviale in Rome.

Ettore Mazzola will give a public presentation on Monday evening, May 21, at the 49th IMCL Conference at the Governor Hotel, in Portland, OR. This will be followed by presentation of the Award.

Professor Mazzola’s books include: The Sustainable City is Possible (2009); and Architecture and Town Planning, Operating Instructions, introduction by Léon Krier (2006). Please visit Professor Mazzola’s Profile.

The theme of the 49th IMCL Conference is Planning Healthy Communities for All, a theme that Professor Mazzola’s work perfectly exemplifies.