2014 IMCL Lewis Mumford Award to Mayor George Ferguson and Bristol City Council, Bristol, UK

The 2014 International Making Cities Livable Lewis Mumford Award will be awarded to Mayor George Ferguson and Bristol City Council for their leadership in creating a Healthy Bristol for All.

The award recognizes Bristol’s outstanding leadership in:

“Working to enhance streets for social life and celebration, for pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit, and reducing the negative impacts of the car - these measures will improve the health of all residents, especially children.”

The Award will be presented at the 51st IMCL Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA, on June 10, 2014.

IMCL Awards recognize exemplary leaders and cities dedicated to the IMCL mission, which is: to enhance the well-being of inhabitants of cities and towns, strengthen community, improve social and physical health, and increase civic engagement by reshaping the built environment.

Previous IMCL Award winners have included: Mayor James Brainard, City of Carmel, IN (2013); Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr., City of Charleston, SC (2010); Mayor Catherine Trautmann, City of Strasbourg, France (1994); Oberbürgermeister Rolf Böhme, City of Freiburg, Germany (1993); HRH The Prince of Wales (1991); and Mayor Bob Cools, City of Antwerp, Belgium (1989).

The IMCL Conferences were founded in 1985, and are held biannually in the United States and Europe. They are unique in enabling city officials, architects, planners, developers, community leaders, behavioral and public health scientists, artists and others responsible for the livability of their cities to exchange experiences, ideas and expertise.