Have you read the IMCL eReports?

If you are working to make cities more healthy, sustainable and livable, you need these resources. The eReports contain leading-edge talks and presentations by world-renowned keynote speakers and experts.

If you are concerned with creating healthy built environments, then eReport #83 Health, Equity and the Built Environment is a must-read. This report includes 8 presentations, including:

  • Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH, Professor, UCLA, author Designing Healthy Communities, on Achieving Neighborhood Health Equity;
  • Andrew L. Dannenberg, School of Public Health, University of Washington, Seattle, author, Making Healthy Places, on Health Impact Assessment;
  • Andrew Wheeler, Healthy Built Environments Program, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA, on Making Cities Healthy for All: Strategic Planning Policy;
  • And five more experts in the field.


If you are working to make our cities more healthy for people of all ages, eReport #84, on Shaping the Healthy City for All, will be invaluable. This eReport contains 11 presentations (papers and slides), including:

  • Charles Montgomery, author Happy City, on Happy City;
  • Phil Stafford, Director, Center on Aging and Community, author Elderburbia, on Lifetime Communities;
  • Lamine Mahdjoubi,  Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England on Active Life Enabled by Child-Friendly Environment;
  • Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Director, IMCL Conference, author Genius of the European Square, on Shaping the Healthy City for All;
  • And seven more experts in the field.


For urban designers and transportation planners, eReport #85, on Street Design (14 presentations), is invaluable. This includes:

  • John Massengale, architect, urbanist, and author, on Street Design;
  • Michael W. Mehaffy, Executive Director, Sustasis Foundation, on Place Networks”: The Structure of Healthy Streets and Sidewalks;
  • Scott Bricker, Executive Director, America Walks, on Advancing a National Walking Movement;
  • Rick Phillips, AVP/Director of Urban Design, HNTB, on Nature’s Mode: Reframing Walkability as Transportation;
  • John Gilderbloom, Professor, Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, University of Louisville, on Two-Way Street Conversion: Evidence of Increased Livability in Louisville;
  • And ten more experts in the field.

The eReports are important contributions on selected topics, based on presentations given at International Making Cities Livable Conferences (1985 - present). Categories include Architecture, City Case Studies, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Public Health, Social Life in the City, Sustainability, Transportation Planning, Urban Design