Simon Conibear will lead a tour of Poundbury

Simon Conibear, Development Manager for the Duchy of Cornwall, will give a keynote talk about Poundbury at the 52nd IMCL Conference, and lead a walking tour of this model new urban village.

Poundbury, planned by Leon Krier, with key buildings by Britain’s most accomplished traditional architects, is a 400-acre, sustainable urban village on the edge of Dorchester. With its walkable plan and traditional mix of uses, Poundbury was conceived as a compact neighborhood that would prevent sprawl and maintain a clear boundary between the built, and the natural environment. Like a traditional village or small town, Poundbury succeeds admirably in this goal.

Fundamental to the development was to ensure that it fitted appropriately into its geographic and cultural context. It reflects the character of traditional Dorset towns, using materials, construction methods, and traditional detailing. Each of the four quadrants has its own main square, and the complete neighborhood will be tied together by the central Queen Mother Square, currently under construction.