Transportation Planning

#30 Making Cities Livable for Children

Making Cities Livable for Children

Number of papers - 14, including:

Urban Design & Children in the City
Henry L. Lennard and Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard

The “Our Town” Project. Urban Design and Classroom Practice
Claire B. Gallagher

Effects of the Built Environment on Children
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard  and Henry L. Lennard

Areas of Experience for Children on Rivers
Heinz Patt


#31 New Issues in Transportation Planning

New Issues in Transportation Planning

Number of papers - 13, including:

Seattle’s Green Street Program: A twenty year retrospect
Lyle Bicknell, CityDesign, City of Seattle

Transit Greenways
Thomas F. Gustafson, Gustafson & Roderman, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pathways to & from Stops – Part of Public Transportation
Karin Berg, School of Architecture, Gothenburg, Sweden; International Fellow in Urban Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


#32 New Ideas for Sustainable Cities

New Ideas for Sustainable Cities

Number of papers - 12, including:

Sustainability Planning in Canadian Cities
William Bernhagen & David Laverny-Rafter, Minnesota State University

Sustainable Cities: Phrases or Practice?
Bill Hopwood, Sustainable Cities Research Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Smart Growth Development
Dr. Lawrence D. Frank & Mr. Peter Engelke, Georgia Institute, Atlanta


#33 Creating Livable Downtowns

Creating Livable Downtowns

Number of papers - 13, including:

Pedals & Palaver Parks
Joe E. Martignago, Kamloops, BC

The Curse of the Colonnade: A Case Study of Georgian Bath
Bruce Yoell, Bath, UK

Creating Livable Downtowns: Paseo Colorado, California
Stanton Eckstut, New York, NY, USA

Strategic Redevelopment Plan, Madison, WI
Ed Freer, Madison, WI, USA


#51 New & Traditional Designs for Mixed Use

New & Traditional Designs for Mixed Use

Number of papers - 10, including:

Strategies of Urban Renaissance: the Mixed Use Neighborhood
Gabriele Tagliaventi, University of Ferrara, Italy

A New Mixed Use Project in “The Hometown Plan” of South Miami, FL
Jason Chandler, Florida International University

Creating a Successful Mixed Use Livable Community: Columbus Center in Boston Proper
David Hancock, Principal, CBT Architects, Boston, MA


#53 Planning for Walking & Biking

Planning for Walking & Biking

Number of papers - 5, including:

Children’s Transportation & the Evolution of Florida’s Safe Routes to School Program
Linda B. Crider, Ph.D., Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Cycling in Cities
Meghan Winters, Health Care & Epidemiology, University of British Columbia


#54 Transportation Planning for TOD

Transportation Planning for TOD

Number of papers - 6, including:

The Main Line as Model: Transit Oriented Development Comes of Age
Edgar Adams Jr., Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI

Revitalizing the Chicago Rail Web
Andrea Carlyle, Planning Director, Solomon Cardwell Buenz, Chicago, IL

TOD & the Suburban Shopping Mall
Colin Burgett & Gregory John Saur, Fehr & Peers, San Francisco, CA


#56 Planning Child-Friendly Neighborhoods and Cities

Planning Child-Friendly Neighborhoods and Cities

Number of papers - 9, including:

Strategy for a Healthy (and Sustainable) City
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Director, IMCL Council

“Being 5”: Young Children, Space, Place, and Belonging. A framework for designing spaces for children
Karen L. Peterson, Vancouver, WA

Child in the City: Building Vital Downtowns
Susan Goltsman, FAICP, MIG, Inc., Berkeley, CA


#57 Sustainability Issues

Number of papers - 11, including:

The City as Garden: A Study of the Sustainable Urban District of Kronsberg (Hannover), Germany
Gary Coates, Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Kansas State University

Regenerative Landscapes in China
Michael Grove, ASLA, Sasaki Associates

What Can We Learn from the Newest Dutch City? Creative Urban Design and Planning in Almere New City, The Netherlands
Mirela Newman, Assoc. Professor of Urban Studies, S. Connecticut S.U.


#64 Children and Youth Participate in Planning

Children and Youth Participate in Planning

Number of papers - 5, including:

It Takes A Child to Walk a Village: Youth Partners for Safe Routes to School
Candance Lee Kokinakis Ph.D., Senior Director, Safe Routes to School, Michigan
Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports Foundation, Lansing, MI

Engaging San Diego Youth to Assess Neighborhoods and Advocate for Policy/environmental Change
Cheryl Moder, Director, San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative, San
Diego, CA

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