Curriculum Vitae - Tom Martineau

Professional Experience

1966 – 1972 State University Construction Fund, Albany New York

Research Assistant, 1966-1968
Research Associate, 1968-1972
1972 – 1973 The Saratoga Associates, Saratoga Springs, New York

Project Manager
1973 – 1985 Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio

Research Architect, 1973-1977
Principal Research Architect, 1977-1980
Senior Research Architect, 1980-1983
Manager Construction and Facilities Planning Research, 1983-1985
1985 – 2007 Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida

Graduate Research Professor and Director, Institute for Building Sciences, 1985-1992
Professor of Architecture, 1992-2007
Professor Emeritus, 2007-present
1999 – 2004 Akin & Associates, Tallahassee, Florida

Senior Associate and Project Manager
1989 – present Productivity House, Inc.

Managing Partner, 1989 – 1999
President, 1999 – present
Co-Editor, Today’s Contractor Quarterly Newsletter, 1990-2004
Team member and team leader on performance assessments of public school districts in the United States, 2004-present
1989 – present International Making Cities Livable Council (IMCL)

Speaker and moderator at most IMCL conferences since 1989
Board Member, 2002 – present
Team Member, Child-Friendly Communities Alliance, 2008-present

Recent Presentations

International Making Cities Livable Council Presentations and/or Published Papers:

Vienna Conference, 2000: “The Impact of Telecommuting on Urban Growth and Change.”
Alpbach/Salzburg Conference, 2002: “Integration of Campus and Community: Master Plan for Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida.”
Carmel, California Conference, 2002: “The Impact of Affordable Housing Policies on Community Development in the United States.”
Santa Fe, New Mexico Conference, 2003: “Strategies for Making the Suburbs Livable.”
Siena, Italy, Conference, 2003: “Case Study of Munich’s Marienplatz: Key Transformations to Keep It Livable.”
Sarasota, Florida and London Conferences, 2004: papers on the suburbs and Marienplatz from prior year.
Charleston, South Carolina Conference, 2005: “A Preview of the LEED Criteria for Neighborhood Development.”
Venice, Italy Conference, 2005: “Character and Image in City Livability.”
Santa Fe Conference, 2006: “Resource Conservation, Urban Development, and Livability”
Portland, Oregon Conference, 2007: No presentations; conference management only.
Santa Fe Conference, 2008: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Urban Development in the USA.”
Portland, Oregon Conference, 2009: No presentations; conference management only.
Charleston, South Carolina Conference, 2010: “Redesigning the Suburbs for Livability.”

Recent Commissions/Creative Works

1999 – 2002 Remodeling and Renovation of Historic Federal Courthouse, Tallahassee, Florida, with Akin & Associates, Architects.

2003: Redesign of lighting for Special Proceedings Courtroom in New U.S. Courthouse, Tallahassee, Florida, with Akin & Associates, Architects.

Invited Lecturer/Critic

Städtebau Kolloquium, University of Stuttgart, December 12. 2006: “Suburbia in USA – Was kann Stadtplanung leisten?”

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, December 14, 2006: “Keys to Improving the Livability of the American Suburbs.”

Recent Research

From 2004 to present: facilities management consulting for Productivity House, Inc., for school district clients in the United States.

Basic facilities management performance assessments (facilities planning and programming, maintenance and custodial services, energy management, community use of facilities) for the following school Districts:

Yellow Book Audit of ten largest school districts in Washington State
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gwinnett County, Georgia (3 year SPLOST Audit)
DeKalb County, Georgia
Davie County, North Carolina
Wayne County, North Carolina
Lee County, North Carolina
Halifax County, North Carolina
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Martinsville, Virginia
Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Allegheny County, Virginia
Covington, Virginia
Campbell County, Virginia
Williamsburg –James City County, Virginia
Cleveland Municipal Schools, Ohio
Monroe County, Florida
Clinton, Oklahoma
Little Axe, Oklahoma
Wewoka, Oklahoma
Tipton, Oklahoma
Cement, Oklahoma
Fletcher, Oklahoma
Comprehensive assessments including facilities management, food services, transportation, security and safety, and shared services:

Northwest Arctic Borough School District, Kotzebue, Alaska (Security and Safety only)
Dayton, Ohio Public Schools
Burke County, North Carolina
Richland County School District One, South Carolina
Richland County School District Two, South Carolina
Guam Public School System
Duplin County, North Carolina
Martin County, Florida (Security and Safety only)
Los Angeles Unified School District (Security and Safety and Food Services only)
San Francisco Unified School District (Food Services only)

Professional Memberships

United States Green Building Council, since 2005

Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Alumni Association, since 2010

International Facility Management Association, since 2012


Architect, Florida, License Number 11,093, December 1985 to present

NCARB Certificate, Number 16,344, February 25, 1975 to present

LEED Accredited Professional, 2005 to present

Tom Martineau, New Urbanism and Beyond, Haas, Tigran (Ed.), “The Emergence of Mixed-Use Town Centers in the United States”, Rizzoli International Publications, 2008. ISBN: 13:978-0-8478-3111-1


1968 - Bachelor of Science (Building Sciences), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

1969 - Bachelor of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

1972 - Master of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Thesis “The Urban Activity Model.”