#99 Promoting Urban Equity

Number of presentations – 9, including:

How Pope Francis' Laudato Si Relates to City Planning, (Video and Slides)
Father Alejandro Crostwaithe, VATICAN CITY 

Streets of Hope: Urban, Environmentally Responsible Housing for European Union (EU) Asylum Seekers, (Paper and Slides)
Richard M. Economakis, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, USA

Transforming to a Livable Community in the Absence of Political Stability: Gaza Strip as a Case Study, (Paper and Slides)
Lora Lucero, Albuquerque, NM, USA; Eman Ismail, Istanbul, TURKEY

Planning Processes in Community Development and Roma Settlements Upgradings in Slovakia, (Slides)
Katarina Smatanova, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Just Communities and the Migrant: A Sustainable Response, (Slides)
Cherie Enns, Fraser Valley, BC, CANADA

Explosive Economic Growth in the San Francisco Bay Area has Created Significant Job Growth and Opportunity, but at What Cost?, (Paper and Slides)
David Woltering, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Creating Affordable Financial Services from the Bottom-Up: The Role of Community Finance in Achieving Healthy, Just, and Sustainable Cities(Paper and Slides)
Paul A. Jones, Liverpool, UK

Integrating Digital Infrastructure into the Livable City(Paper and Slides)
Mary Beth Henry, Portland, OR, USA

Just Mobility in the City: The Case of Non-Motorized Households in Car-Dependent Cities(Slides)
Dominic Villeneuve, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND

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