4th Conference Plenary and Panel Sessions

Concurrent Themes: The Good City / Public Spaces for Social Life / Reviving the Heart of the City / Low Income Housing

The Good City

  • The Just City: Social Policy and Values

Public Spaces for Social Life

  • Social Life in Public
  • Contexts for Urban Social Life
  • Streetscape and Urban Space Design Guidelines
  • Public Space Use and Design
  • Transportation and the Pedestrian
  • The Heart of the City
  • Privatization of Public Space Issues
  • Towards Corporate Control of the Public Realm
  • Placemaking in Non-Urban Realms
  • Streetscape and the Arts
  • Criteria for Public Art
  • Public Sculpture: The Vietnam Memorial
  • The Work of Bonifatius Stirnberg
  • The Work of The Arts Council, UK
  • Urban Spaces: Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Nicosia, Gibraltar, Lisbon
  • The Skywalk Assessed
  • Nature in the City

Reviving the Heart of a City

  • Portland’s Central City Plan
  • Creating History: Consistent Planning in Coral Gables
  • Preserving an Historic Setting: Expanding Old Town Key West
  • Redeveloping Downtown as the Economic & Cultural Center
  • Urban Historic Centers Renewal
  • The Preservation of Social Landmarks
  • City Churches as an Urban Resource
  • Reviving the Heart of a City Divided by Political Violence
  • Urban Rehabilitation Without Urban Renewal
  • Charleston Workshop: King Street Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization

  • The Role of Urban Space as the Basis for Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Neighborhood Livability, a City’s Response

Innovative Approaches to Low Income Housing

  • Generating Low Income Housing
  • Maintaining Inner City Population and Housing the Elderly
  • Study of Byker Housing, Newcastle

City Case Studies

  • Germany - Nürnberg, Freiburg, Erlangen
  • City Case Studies (USA): Portland, Coral Gables, Key West, Fort Collins, Charleston, Cambridge, MA
  • European case studies: Salzburg, Paris and Venice

Architecture and the Livable City

  • Human Scale Architecture
  • Town Architecture
  • Urban Architecture
  • Architectural Design Concepts

Urban Design Guidelines

  • New Models of Development
  • The Economics of Urban Form
  • The Value Implications of the Contemporary Urban Form
  • Alternate Settlement Patterns

Community Participation Issues

  • Models of Community Participation
  • Vision 2000: Strategic Planning for Anaheim
  • Community Participation in Cross-Cultural Settings

Enlivening the City

  • Role of Markets
  • The Market as a Catalyst
  • Festivals: Creating an Urban Tradition


  • Defining Design Criteria for Urban Conservation

Balancing Resident and Tourist Needs

  • Strategies for the Improvement of San Francisco’s Waterfront

Northern Cities

  • The Design & Planning of New Towns in the Arctic & Subarctic
  • Juneau. Alaska
  • The WHO Healthy Cities Project.