5th Conference Plenary and Panel Sessions

Concurrent Themes: Making Cities Livable for Children / Restoring the City's Heart

Values for the Just City

Making Cities Livable for Children

  • The Ideal City for Children

Restoring the City's Heart

  • Rebuilding Mixed Use & Affordable Housing in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Restoring Mixed Use & Public Places, Graz, Austria
  • Restoration Issues in Vicenza
  • Reestablishing the Town Center
  • Mizner Park, Boca Raton
  • City Center Regeneration Projects in Manchester & Bristol, UK
  • Creating a Waterfront, Newark on Trent, UK
  • Restoring the Heart of Bruges, Belgium
  • Bath Revisited
  • Making Belfast Livable
  • The Livable City in a Mult-Cultural Community: Melbourne, Australia

Public Life & Urban Places

  • Public Space Design
  • The Street & the Square
  • The City Square, Edinburgh
  • Assault on the Street

Art in Public Places

  • Public Art: the Necessity of Meaning
  • Public Sculpture for Neighborhood Centers
  • Community Festivals

Urban Design/Planning

  • Village Model of Urban Development
  • Housing in the 21st Century Village
  • Design Guidelines
  • Architecture: Theme & Variation
  • The Architecture of Joy
  • Estes Park Urban Design Plan
  • Maintaining Identity: Bologna
  • Preserving Historic & Visual Quality
  • Integrating Planning Design, Programming & Fundraising

Community Participation

  • Resident Involvement in Moderate Income Housing
  • The Community Architecture Movement, UK
  • Public Art: Letting the Neighbors Choose
  • Models of Community Participation

Law & the City

  • Implications of Legal Prescriptions on the City's Habitability
  • Experiencing the City
  • Urban Greening
  • The Healthy City
  • Healthy Toronto 2000