9th Conference Plenary and Panel Sessions

Healthy Cities
  • City Design and Social Pathology
  • The Child in the City
  • Making Cities Livable for the Aged
  • California Healthy Cities Project
  • New Forms in Health Care Environments
  • Economics of a Healthy City

The Homeless

  • Public Policy and Individual Response

International Perspectives

  • Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Venice, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Antwerp, Belgium; New York, USA; Toronto, Canada; Krakow, Poland; Leningrad, Russia
  • Making Cities Livable in Russia

Urban Restoration

  • Tübingen, Germany, Nottingham, England, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Cities in Transition

  • East German Cities, Istanbul, Turkey, Hong Kong, China

Design of Public Places

  • Public Realm Design
  • Experiencing Urban Space
  • Walking in Philadelphia
  • Santa Barbara’s Renaissance
  • City Identity, Vitality and Community Participation

Arts and the City

  • Open Space & Public Art
  • An Emerging Chicano Public Art
  • Monumental Public Art
  • Living with the Arts in Scottsdale

Growth Management

  • Santa Barbara’s Growth Management
  • Development Controls for Townscape Conservation

Recreating the City Center

  • Public Buildings to Strengthen the City Center
  • Defining Downtown
  • Urban Identity
  • Appropriate Urban Architecture

Learning from San Francisco

  • Mission Bay Project, San Francisco
  • San Francisco’s Embarcadero Waterfront
  • S.F. Workshops: Chinatown, Mixed Use/Mixed Income Housing, Mid-Market Street, Presidio - Adaptive Re-Use, Yerba Buena Cultural Center Development

Resident/Tenant Participation in Housing

  • Urban Collective Housing
  • Co-Housing
  • The Swedish Model of Tenant Involvement
  • Innovative Affordable Housing
  • Tourism and the Livable City
  • Teaching Models
  • New Models of Urban Development Urbanizing Suburbia
  • Urban Design Theory
  • Main Street, the Shopping Center and the Mall
  • Play and Festivity
  • Recreation of Urban Rituals
  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic and Urban Livability