Strategies for Healthy, Child-Friendly Cities

Charles Royer, Seattle, WA

ABSTRACT: During the 12 years Charles Royer served as Mayor of Seattle, he did everything possible to build a family- and child-friendly Seattle. He described the programs, partnerships, taxes and levies involved in Kids Place, a project that was part marketing, part urban planning, part community organizing, created to serve kids and families. Kids Place took off nationally and internationally. After leaving office, Mayor Royer continued to promote the work of making communities more healthy and child-friendly by working with the Robert Wood Johnson’s Urban Health Initiative. By putting children and families first, all selected cities changed the way city government did business, and the way they measured their achievements.

“Civic leaders have the ability to put in place powerful ideas,” Mayor Royer stressed, “especially if they are in office for several terms. Cities require long term solutions to reinvent education, transform public housing and public parks, and make the city healthy and child-friendly for generations to come.”

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