34th Conference in Alpbach & Salzburg Plenary and Panel Sessions

  • New Urban Neighborhoods
    Principles for the design of new urban neighborhoods. Identifying necessary infrastructure. Role of mixed use, density & diversity.
  • The European Square: Principles & Case Studies
    History & functions of European squares. Design principles. Evolution of selected city squares.
  • Rediscovery of Public Space (Old & New)
    Restoration of historic squares. Design of new public spaces
  • Models & Visions for the Design of Cities
    Consequences of past models, and visions for the city of tomorrow.
  • Teaching the Livable City
    Architecture & planning curricula for livable cities.
  • Designing Cities for Youth & the Elderly
    Features of planning & architecture that affect the lives of young people & the elderly. Appropriate principles for architecture, land use planning, transportation planning and urban design.
  • Community Participation in Planning & Design
    Models of involving community in planning decisions and increasing civic engagement
  • Preserving the Architectural Heritage & Cultural Landscape
  • Sustainable Cities & Regions
    Principles of ecological design & social sustainability
  • Strengthening Community through Urban Design & Infill
    Reweaving the physical and social fabric. Creating places for community.
  • Conversion of Former Military & Industrial Sites
    Case studies

Topics of Panel Sessions

  • The square as a market place: past & current functions
  • The square as a tourist attraction: balancing tourist's & residents' interests
  • Principles of design of squares
  • Restoring & reviving the square:case studies
  • The square as a setting of significant community events, festivals & celebrations
  • The square as a catalyst for community engagement
  • New architecture appropriate to the square
  • Artistic & aesthetic qualities of individual squares