IMCL Honor Award, Built Project – Sundance Square, Fort Worth

Jury’s comment:

It is of great significance that a major Texan city wedded to the automobile has created a main square free of traffic. Sundance Square, framed by two fine early 20th century buildings (Jett Building and the Land Title Building) and two handsome 21st century buildings in keeping with the historic setting (the Commerce Building to the east and The Westbrook to the west), transforms two parking lots into the pedestrian heart of the city.

The square is surrounded by museums, galleries, restaurants, and night clubs; furnished with a forest of 216 fountain jets, a wave wall fountain, a rentable pavilion and terrace, four 40’ x 40’ umbrellas, and a stage; and thoroughly programed for concerts, theater, art festivals, and movies.

The square is large (approximately 200’ x 300’  - 55,000 square feet), framed by 5 – 12 story buildings. This Texan spaciousness and wide sky view will be destroyed if more 35 story buildings are permitted within 3 blocks of the square.

The jury hopes that Sundance Square will not only provide the premier tourist attraction and special events destination for Fort Worth residents, but that it will also encourage more downtown living within walking distance, and spur development of more mid-rise mixed-use residential buildings in keeping with Fort Worth’s early 20th century buildings that convey the city’s unique identity.


In concurrence with the judgment of its Design Awards Jury
Presents an

For Excellence in creating
Public Places for Community, Democratic Dialogue, Health & Equity


Sundance Square


David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc.,


Johnny Campbell, President, Sundance Square


Project Statement