#106 Cities and Climate Change

Number of presentations – 10, including:

Will We Merit Gratitude From Our Grandchildren?, (Slides)
Richard J. Jackson, Los Angeles, CA, USA 

The Mitigative Potential of Urban Environments and Their Microclimates(Paper and Slides)
Rosa Schiano-Phan, London, England, UK

Mitigative Buildings and Urban Environments(Paper and Slides)
Filippo Weber, Florence, ITALY

Envisioning Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Solid Urban Infrastructure(Paper and Slides) 
Mike Burnett, Portland, OR, USA

Energy Efficiency Investments in the Quality of Urban Living(Paper) 
Luca Caneparo, Turin, ITALY

Architectural Adaptability: Constructing Resilient Cities​(Paper) 
Elena Bellini & Alessia Macchi, Florence, ITALY

People, Place and Quality of Life: Achieving Sustainable Green Infrastructure and Quality Placemaking Lessons from Ireland(Paper and Slides) 
Aidan J. ffrench, Bray, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND

Leveraging Sustainability(Paper and Slides) 
Ken Doherty, Peterborough, ON, CANADA

Future Imperfect - Lessons Learned for an Approach to Achieve More Resilient Places(Paper and Slides)
William Kenworthey, New York, NY, USA

Exploring an all-hazards approach to addressing the health effects of extreme weather events. ​(Paper)
Patrick Saunders-Hastings, Ottowa, ON, CANADA 

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