#108 Defining Healthy 10-Minute Neighborhoods

Number of presentations – 14, including:

Essential Characteristics of Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods (Paper and Slides)
Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Portland, OR

Enabling the Urban Village (Slides)
George Ferguson, Bristol, UK

How Walkable Neighborhoods Revive, Evolve, and Improve (Slides)
Philip Langdon, New Haven, CT, USA

Designing New 10-Minute Neighborhoods in Russia (Slides)
Maxim Atayants, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Poundbury (Slides)
Simon Conibear, Poundbury, UK

The Experiential City: 15 Transformations (Paper)
Daniel Iacofano, Berkeley, CA, USA

Based on the Analysis of Twenty Essential Elements: Greater Zurich has Only One 10-Minute Neighborhood (Paper and Slides)
Sibylle Wälty, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

City Typologies – A 10-Minute Exploration of the Australian Urban Experience (Slides)
Christine Storry, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Mount Pleasant Experience: A Model for Transit-Oriented, Liveable Urban Village? (Slides)
Alexandru Taranu, Brampton, ON, CANADA

Vancouver: Livable Communities from the ‘70’s to the Present (Slides)
Joyce Mariann Drohan, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Non GMO Cities: Craft, Specialization and Nostalgia in Development (Slides)
Alexandro Medina Lara, Oakland, CA, USA

Networks of Urban Acupuncture, and the non-Contiguous P.U.D. (Paper and Slides) 
Samuel Friesema, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Identifying the Right Tools for Creating 10-Minute Neighbourhoods (Paper and Slides)
Elora Wilkinson and Jacob Ritchie, Halifax, NS CANADA

Livable Medicine Hat (Paper and Slides) 
Stan Schwartzenberger, Medicine Hat, AB, CANADA

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