#109 Transformations To Create The City Of Short Distances

Number of presentations – 17, including:

The 21st Century Suburban Transformation: Climate Change and Urban Design (Slides)
James Brainard, Carmel, IN, USA

Warsaw’s Neighborhoods: Creating a Good Place to Live (Slides)
Marlena Happach, Warsaw, POLAND

San Bruno’s City of Short Distances: Creating a Vision of Urban Livability Based on Economic, Social, and Cultural Diversity (Paper and Slides)
Rick Phillips, San Jose, CA, USA and David Woltering, San Bruno, CA, USA

Bodø – the Dot on the Map that Wants to Become the Center of the World (Paper and Slides)
Gøran Raade-Andersen, Bodø, NORWAY

Redesigning Neighborhoods to be healthy (Slides)
Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY

San Antonio Takes Site from Oyster to Pearl (Paper and Slides)
Jennifer Herriott, San Antonio, TX, USA

Reshaping a Low Point into a Community of Opportunity (Paper and Slides)
Jenni Grafton, Westminster, CO, USA

Many Hands Transform Blighted Corridor with New Neighborhood Centers (Paper)
David Ahrens, Madison, WI, USA

Shaping Healthy, Ten-Minute Neighborhoods in Downtown Birmingham (Paper and Slides)
John J. Pittari Jr. and Alex Krumdieck, Auburn, AL, USA

Joint-Use School Developent in Urbanizing Areas (Paper and Slides)
Pranjali Rai and Ralph Bennett, College Park, MD, USA

Repurposing Urban and Suburban Church Properties (Paper and Slides)
Barbara Myers, Toronto, ON, CANADA

Exploring the Consequences of Permanent Public School Closures for the 10-Minute Neighborhood: A Case Study in Kingston, ON (Slides) 
Patricia Collins, Kingston, ON, CANADA

The Capreol 2018 Community Improvement Plan (Paper and Slides)
Kris Longston, Greater Sudbury, ON, CANADA

Developing Sustainable Urban Sub-Centers (Paper and Slides)
Robert Marshall, Toronto, ON, CANADA and Quan Nguyen Hoang, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

Creating Dynamic Urban Destinations (Paper and Slides)
Eddie Wu, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM and Robert Marshall, Toronto, ON, CANADA

Reclaiming Community, the River, the Shopping Mall, and the Airport (Paper and Slides)
Scott Jordan, Denver, CO, USA

Health and Wellness as a Catalyst for Neighborhood Revitalization in Jackson, Tennessee (Slides)
Christopher Janson, Dallas, TX, USA

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