#110 Healthy Green Urbanism

Number of presentations – 8, including:

Understanding Green Infrastructure to Realize Our Sustainability Potential (Slides) 
Jeremy Bailey, Woodstock, ON, CANADA

Urbanizing Ecologies for Healthier Community Building (Paper and Slides) 
Sandra Murillo-Morales, Toronto, ON, CANADA

Los Angeles Arts District Green Alley Project: Integrating Qualtitative Thinking into the Design Process (Slides)
Gabrielle Newmark, Pomona, CA, USA

VanPlay – Redefining Outstanding Parks and Recreation (Paper and Slides)
Katherine Howard, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

The Sir John A. Macdonald Winter Trail: Bringing Health, Happiness and Sustainability to the 10-Minute Neighborhood (Paper and Slides)
Karl Saidla, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Food Map: Growing Social Cohesion and Local Food (Paper and Slides)
Amber Zirnhelt, Campbell River, BC, CANADA

Convivial and Inclusive Urban Square and Park in Central Jakarta (Paper and Slides)
Felia Srinaga, Jakarta, INDONESIA

Wellbeing Synergies Between Walkable Neighborhoods and the Enhances Use of Greenspace (Paper)
Adriana Zuniga Teran, Tucson, AZ, USA

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