#117 Urban Design for Physical Activity and Active Living

Planning for Mobility in Freiburg, Germany (Slides) 
Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Freiburg, Germany

Neighborhood Design, Physical Activity, and Wellbeing: Applying the Walkability Model (Paper)
Adriana A Zuniga-Teran, Tucson, AZ

Landscape Devices for Healthy Lifestyles in Metropolitan Areas: The Piers Project (Paper and Slides)
Cristina Imbroglini and Lucina Caravaggi, Rome, Italy

Health and the Built Environment (Paper)
Frank Pendrell, Denver, CO

Tools and Techniques to Increase Active Transportation in San Mateo County 
(Paper and Slides)

Jessica Garner and Heather Arata, San Mateo, CA

The Trust for Public Land's ParkScore® and ParkServe™ Mapping the Nation's 
Urban Parks and 10-Minute Walk Park Accessibility (Paper and Slides)

Emmalee Dolfi and Bob Heuer, Santa Fe, NM

Children’s Mobility and Playability: Planning with Children Equitable Spaces 
(Paper and Slides)

Norma Pena and Enery López-Navarrete, San Juan, PR