#20 Urban Identity

Number of papers - 8, including:

From Park to Town through the Folk Architecture of Cobble Stone – the Case of Medicine Park, OK
Eren Erdener, Ph.D., College of Architecture, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Santa Barbara (A Seventy Year Effort in Community Design)
David Davis, Community Development & Planning Director, Santa Barbara, CA
Formalization of the Santa Fe Style: A Populist Agenda
Nicholas C. Markovich, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
The Expression of a Sense of Place: Contextual Responsiveness in New Orleans Architecture
C. Barrett Kennedy, Ph.D., School of Architecture, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Creating History: the Example of Coral Gables & the Importance of Consistent Planning
Jose M. Lozano, AIA, Florida International University
Marketing Local Identity: the Importance of the Physical
Bill Erickson & Dr. Marion Roberts, University of Westminster, UK
Livingpool – Individual Identity in the Modern City
Robert Kronenburg, BA, Dip.Arch, M.Phil, RIBA, University of Liverpool, UK
The Soul of Prague – the Artistic Idea of the City
Alois Doleel, Ing.Arch., Prague, Czech Republic

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