#61 Healthy Transportation Planning and Livable Streets

Number of papers - 11, including:

Planning for Bicycles and Pedestrians in Germany
Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Dr. Former Governor of South Baden, Freiburg,

The Politics of Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
Darwin Hindman, Former Mayor, Columbia, MO

Child- & Youth-Friendly Land Use & Transport Planning Guidelines.
Richard Gilbert, Consultant on Urban Issues, Toronto, CANADA.

Safe Routes to School
Ian Thomas, PedNet Coalition, Columbia, MO

Child Streets
Eran Ben-Joseph and Sam Bass Warner, Professors of Urban Studies & Planning,
MIT, Cambridge, MA

Kid-Friendly TODs
Robert Cervero, Professor, City & Regional Planning, University of California,
Berkeley, CA.

Sculpting Public Place from Car Space
Randy Wade, Director, Pedestrian Projects Group, NYC Dept. of Transportation,
New York, NY

Downtown in Motion’s Streets for Everyone!
Rick Phillips, R.A., Director of Urban Design, Northern California HNTB
Corporation, Concord, CA

The Downtown Raleigh Renaissance – Creating Livable Streets
Daniel T. Douglas, AICP, Director of Urban Planning and Design, Kling Stubbins
Architects, Raleigh, NC

Improving Mid-Size City Core Areas
Gary Sands, Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University, Plymouth, MI

Portland’s Livability Investments
Byron Estes, Neighborhood Division Manager, Urban Development Department Portland Development Commission, Portland, OR 

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