Program - Monday, June 17


Governor Ballroom

1:00 - 6:00 Registration
  Publications Exhibit
  Design Competition/Exhibit program

Mobile Workshops / Tours:

Starting from Governor Ballroom

1:30 - 5:30 Bikeable Portland*
    Tour Leaders: Mary Beth Henry and Vanessa Hughes
    Speakers: Michelle DePass, Ellen Vanderslice, and Rebecca Burrell
2.00 - 5.30 From "Pearl" to "Jade." Exploring Spatial Inequality and its Remedies*
    Tour Leader: Sarah Iannarone
2.30 - 5.30 Orenco Station: Changing the Pattern of Suburban Growth*
    Tour Leader: Michael Mehaffy, Director, Sustasis Foundation. Director, Future of Places Research, Stockholm
2.30 – 5.00 Historic Restoration of the Halprin Parks*
    Tour Leader: Sandra Burtzos, Capital Project Manager, Portland Parks and Recreation
3.00 – 5.00 Preserving Portland’s History in the West End Including Low-Cost Housing*
    Tour Leader: Leslie Hutchinson, Docent, Architectural Heritage Center

Renaissance Room

6.00 – 7.30 Welcome Reception:
    Ted Wheeler, Mayor, City of Portland
    Suzanne Crowhurst Lennard, Co-Founder, Director, IMCL
    James Brainard, Mayor, Carmel, IN, USA
    George Ferguson, Former Mayor, Bristol, UK


* - Eligible for AICP CM credits