Publication Reviews

Your PUBLIC LIFE IN URBAN PLACES is just the kind of book I have been impatiently waiting for: concise, penetrating, stimulating, revealing... enriching public life and well-being in both European and American cities.

Lewis Mumford

Splendid inquiries into the nature of people and places in the city... In analyzing particular European places (the Lennards) teach us to look more deeply at our own.

William H. Whyte

... a perceptive account of the meaning of public places in the life of the city. It makes clear the impact on the human spirit of lively, joyful, informal meeting places. ...important reading for anyone interested in the function and design of urban places.

James W. Rouse

The MAKING CITIES LIVABLE NEWSLETTERS are admirable in alerting us to those broad ingredients - social and esthetic - that are essential to successful urban development. The scholarship is impressive, and the range of people and ideas is admirable. If the NEWSLETTER reaches as many people as it should, our cities would indeed become more livable.

G.E. Kidder Smith

The NEWSLETTER is indispensable to anyone who cares about the American city.

Wolf Von Eckardt

LIVABLE CITIES holds a magnifying glass to some of the world's best cities, revealing in brilliant images why they are the best and how they work for people... The book should be on the desk of every architect and planner.

Benjamin Thompson, FAIA

Thank you so much for the copy of LIVABLE CITIES OBSERVED. It is a most wonderful book. You should be so proud. It has the capacity to help improve the livability of cities throughout our country and, in fact, around the world for years to come.

Joseph P. Riley Jr.,
Mayor, City of Charleston, SC

Thanks so much for the copy of your excellent LIVABLE CITIES OBSERVED. It's a wonderful treasure trove of fine ideas and concepts for good cities.

Neal R. Peirce

My congratulations for your beautiful book, LIVABLE CITIES OBSERVED. I find it marvelous!

George Kronawitter
Former Mayor, Munich, Germany

The diversity of subjects covered, the quality of contributors, and the range of skills and backgrounds represented in MAKING CITIES LIVABLE is unique.

Prof. Patrick J. Quinn
Former President, ACSA

No one has studied the European square more thoughtfully and thoroughly than Suzanne and Henry Lennard. This work (GENIUS OF THE EUROPEAN SQUARE) will be of invaluable benefit to every city and to places yet to be designed and developed.

Joseph P. Riley Jr. Mayor, City of Charleston

GENIUS OF THE EUROPEAN SQUARE ... will be most useful, in the university schools of town planning and architecture, in the offices of architects and town planners, and also in the houses of people who appreciate the creations of human skill and social wisdom. Everybody will appreciate and learn from the European squares clearly explained, and gracefully presented and illustrated.

Professor Edoardo Salzano
Former Deputy Mayor, City of Venice

GENIUS OF THE EUROPEAN SQUARE is ...a liberal and joyful feast of images and ideas, which leaves the reader in no doubt that 'Genius' is a word aptly applied to that elusive phenomenon, the European Square.

Professor Peter Webber
Urban Design International

GENIUS OF THE EUROPEAN SQUARE is ... an optimistic how-to book with lots of ideas for planners looking for specifics on how to urbanize new spaces or reurbanize old ones.

Harold Henderson