Program - Thursday, June 20


Governor Ballroom

9.00 – 10.30 FIXING CITIES *
  Recovering Trastevere
  Moderator: Jim Brainard, Carmel, IN
    Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY
  Democratic Urbanism & the Healthy City
  Moderator: Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
    Joel Mills, Washington DC
  Fixing Your City
  Moderator: Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR
    George Crandall, Portland, OR
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee Break & Book Signing
11.00 – 12.30 THE BIGGER PICTURE  *
  Design Matters
  Moderator: Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY
    Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
  Pathways to Healthy Urban Living
  Moderator: Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
    Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Barcelona, SPAIN
  Improving Health and Equity through Sustainable Transportation Planning
  Moderator: Rick Phillips, San Jose, CA
    Leah Treat, Portland, OR

Governor Ballroom

  Moderator: Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
  Designing for Low Income Communities: Many Unanswered Questions
    Michael Pyatok, Seattle, WA
  Housing Charlotte “A Framework for Building and Expanding Access to Opportunity through Housing Investments
    Pamela Wideman, Charlotte, NC
  Affordable and Connected Housing for a Resilient Birmingham (AL)
    John Pittari, Birmingham, AL
    Alex Krumdieck, Birmingham, AL
  Growing Roots in Cedar Rapids
    Stephanie Schrader, Cedar Rapids, IA
4.00 – 4.30 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: John Czarnecki, Portland, OR
4.30 – 5.30 PLANNING FOR PUBLIC HEALTH * (Short presentations)
  Moderator: Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
  Making Health a Priority in St. Petersburg
    Kanika Tomalin, Deputy Mayor, St. Petersburg, FL
  A Culture of Collaboration for Healthy Communities in BC, CANADA: Tales from 2 Communities
    Sarah McJannet, Squamish, BC
    Heather Evans, Squamish, BC
  Why Care About Land Use Planning?
    Marianne Seifert, Tacoma, WA
5.30 – 5.45 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Keshia M. Pollack Porter, Baltimore, MD
5.45 – 6.15 PECHA KUCHA 
  Moderator: Ferdinand Johns, Oak Harbor, WA
  Avoiding the Tobacco Swamp in Your Community: The Case for Reducing the Density of Tobacco Retailers
    Kurt Ribisi, Chapel Hill, NC
  The Antidote: A WiFi Free Park
    Anna Cawrse, Boston, MA
  Paths to Safety: Quantitative Analysis of Urban Design Variables and their Impact on Pedestrian Crash Rates in Boston
    Joshua Brooks, Boston, MA


  Moderator: Rick Phillips, San Jose, CA
  Health and Well-Being – the Irish Experience
    Aidan ffrench, Bray, IRELAND
  Green Streets Lawrence: A Health Impact Assessment of the Lawrence Green Streets Program
    Peter Lowitt, Devens, MA
  Rome Urban Environment as a Wellness Lab
    Cristina Imbroglini, Rome, ITALY
    Lucina Caravaggi, Rome, ITALY
3.30 – 4.00 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Marianne Seifert, Tacoma, WA
4.00 – 5.20 THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (Short presentations)
  Moderator: Rick Phillips, San Jose, CA
  The City of Tomorrow
    Sandra Gonzalez Alvarez, Coruna, SPAIN
  Urban Explorers: Child and Youth Engagement in Planning
    Ildiko Kovacs, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
  Neighborhood Parks: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Integration: An Example from Vienna
    Claudia Heinzl, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  Greying in the Orient – How Age-Friendliness is Being Implemented in the Case of Hong Kong
    Chak Carlo Chan, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
5.20 – 5.35 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Sharon A. Baggett, Portland, OR

Billiard Room

  Moderator: Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY
  Is Your Experiences Diet Making You Fat?
    Jennifer Donovan, Albert Park, AUSTRALIA
  Healthy City – Identity, Function and Beauty in Our Everyday Lives
    Brandon Haw, New York, NY
  Lessons Learned. How Artists Make Better Cities
    Nancy Rivenburgh, Seattle, WA
3.30 – 4.00 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Richard A. Potestio, Portland, OR
4.00 – 5.20 ENGAGING WITH THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT *  (Short Presentations)
  Moderator: Ettore Maria Mazzola, Rome, ITALY
  Resident Conceptions of “Neighborhood” in a Leafy Inner-City Suburb of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    Ray Green, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  Determinants of Walking for Travel in Seven European Cities: The PASTA Project
    Mireia Gascon Merlos, Barcelona, SPAIN
  What is Special about Spatial Aspects in Subjective Well-Being Analysis?
    Anna Kovacs-Gyori, Salzburg, AUSTRIA
  Impact and Implications of Recent Changes of Neighborhood Matching Fund Program in Seattle
    Hyein Chae, Seattle, WA
5.20 – 5.35 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Alcestis P. Rodi, Athens, GREECE

Card Room

2.00 – 3.30 FORESTS AND RIVERS *
  Moderator: Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR
  Growing an Urban Forestry Program in Salem, Oregon
    Patricia Farrell, Salem, OR
  Finlay Park: Refresh of an Iconic Design
    Georgia Harrison Hall, Athens, GA
  Developing Public Space in the Neighborhood of the Cisadane Riverbanks in Tangerang, Indonesia, Based on Everyday Architecture
    Felia Srinaga, Jakarta, INDONESIA
3.30 – 4.00 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Chuck Ware, Irvine, CA
4.00 – 5.30 NATURE IN THE CITY *
  Moderator: Michael Mehaffy, Portland, OR
  Nature in the City – Toward a Healthier, Greener City
    Stephanie Blochowiak, Fort Collins, CO
  Experiencing the Health Benefits of the San Francisco Bay Trail
    David Woltering, Santa Rosa, CA
  The Daylighting of the Saw Mill River
    Mario Caruso, Yonkers, NY
5.30 – 6.00 DISCUSSION
  Discussant: Michael Walters, Edmonton, AB, CANADA